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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Who Is the Singulationary?

Ahem. That would be me. I am a sassy brilliant dame who hasn't been married, hasn't been a relationship lasting more than 4 months, never lived with a romantic partner and is totally OK with it. 

I'm a spinster by conservative standards and I get comments of concern regarding my ovaries from the left coast. But my ovaries are fine and I am better than ever. 

And by the way, I am not single for lack of hotness. Just FYI.

Also, I write blogs from a squeaky green sleeper sofa.

1 comment:

Ruhi said...

hello! i have been single my whole life too. I dont have a good relation with my brother or moher so i have no body to speak with. I have had a heart break and the guy who i liked is now going to be married to another lucky girl and have a happy family.
I feel very hurt and no one is there to listen to me cry. I know it as a fact that god never made anyone for me and i have to live alone. It is my destiny and i cant escape it.
I need to connect with people like me and talk, can u contact me?
My email is rjerifa@yahoo.com