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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hot Dates and Cool Friends

On Friday I was my bosslady's hot date to the salon and then to a movie. I know that not everybody has a super cool bosslady like me. However, you can always find yourself a good date if you look into your friend-pool.

In our culture, we view romantic relationships as primary and non-romantic relationships (friendships) as secondary. This can be really destructive thinking because all good relationships bring us joy, comfort and a sense of community and support (among other things) and we all need relationships of all kind in this life. Just because you aren't physically intimate with your family or you aren't blood related to your friends doesn't mean that they aren't there for you and that you aren't there for them! Loving, supportive relationships of all kinds can be found anywhere!

So if you're having a rough patch go on a date with a friend. It doesn't matter if you're married or you're single! Make it the date of your dreams. And don't call it "girl time" if that makes you feel like a looser (why should it?) or if that makes it feel less important than a "real" date. Call it a hot date. Most likely you love and adore your friends so yeah, they're hot. 

Or if you have a friend who you want to show some love to, take him/her on a date and totally pull out all the stops. It doesn't have to be expensive to make your hot date feel like royalty.

And the best part of it is that you KNOW you'll have a good time. I mean, you could be going on a date with the guy from the bar who might turn out to be a total douche bag and talk about himself ALL freaking night until you realize you would have paid NOT to have ever met this guy and you want to ask for your three hours back. 

Friends. Lets be important to each other. Hot dates and Cool friends!


Purple Turtle said...

That sounds fabulous Singlutionary! I went to a women book club to talk about the Poisonwood bible and got dressed up with earrings and makeup and everything, and it made me so excited and happy, and all the better person when I hung out with my Mr. Purple Turtle when I got home.

Yay for friend-dates!

(no)sexandthecity said...

when's my date...and where's my cookie???!!!!!