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Monday, January 12, 2009

Makeout Prizes

I know that I am the Singlutionary and I usually have all the answers but here is one that I can't quite figure out. I am hoping that someone has some advice for me:

Have you ever wanted to hand out makeout sessions to people who do a really good job at something? I just feel like: I'm single. You're single. And you impressed me. You deserve a nice little makeout session. 

However, I haven't had much luck at just making out with a friend/coworker/relative/etc and having it not become hecka complicated. In general, I am not particularly good at JUST making out. This is a skill I would like to develop. I wish making out was like a friendly hug or a handshake or a nice punch in the arm. That would be fun. But only if I am the one doling out the prizes. 


Amberly said...

At BYU they called it NCMO--non-commital makeout. There was some kind of scandal because there was some kind of website where you could set up meetings for NCMO--like at the carrillon bell tower where all the freshman go and sing hymns together on Sundays. I did not need this at that point in my life, but I get what you are talking about.

The Singlutionary said...

I should go and put a post on CL for a non-commital makeout session.

(no)sexandthecity said...

i have heard rumors that said prizes are being handed out downtown. so i'm heading down there...