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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Craving the Taste of My Own Singlution

Oh my gosh you guys. I need the Singlutionary right now to set me straight. The only problem is that I AM the Singlutionary and I am so confused.

I made out with this super nice guy. I don't want to marry him or anything but I really enjoyed it. I like him. It was a nice change. 

So what is the problem?

I don't like feeling like this. All girly. All butterflies and rainbows and fireflies and fairies and stuff. 

Barf. Barf. Barf.

But if I were still in Singlution mode and not all hijacked by emotion/long forgotten hormones I would say:

Lady. Just chill the heck out. Yes. Its fine. Go on and enjoy this experience. Enjoy the nice makeout session with the guy with the _____________________ (I can not reveal what I most personally enjoyed about making out with him cause this is the INTERNETS).  And after you've enjoyed it put it into a file drawer for later. Like a sales call. Forget about it. And then if he calls you, he calls you. Just because he calls you doesn't mean ANYTHING. If you make out again, that is nice. You are a grown woman and you deserve to kiss an attractive lad every now and again. But just enjoy the moment. Quit thinking about the future. There is no conflict here. Keep living your life and I guarantee you that this guy with the __________________ will keep on living his. Maybe you will keep each other company in the middle for a while. Maybe you won't. The most important thing is that you keep on traveling in whatever direction you were headed. If its meant to be, he'll be on the same train.

Singlutionary says: chill out and choo-choo!


(no)sexandthecity said...

"All butterflies and rainbows and fireflies and fairies and stuff."

what else IS there in life to look forward to? puh-lease, "don't like feeling like that" no one's buying that!!!!!

we are not fooled by you singlutionary!!! u get hijacked out of your common senses just like the rest of us, finally the truth comes out....

The Singlutionary said...

I've been hijacked out of my own common senses enough in life to know that things can go very very wrong if I let them!

Now that I've regained some control, I feel much better.

But that was an enjoyable little detour.

Purple Turtle said...

This sounds like a very healthful but fun approach. Way to go Singlutionary! Keep us updated, even if it is the "internets"!