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Friday, January 2, 2009

Join the Singlution!

The Singlution is about happy, healthy and full living as a single person! 

What ever happened to single being a normal thing and not some alternative lifestyle* that you're afraid to tell your mom about?

And why is it so difficult for our culture to grasp the notion that being on your own does not necessarily entail: desperate-housewife-like behavior (hey, those bitches are all housewives, by the way), unchartable horniness (mainly for men), a lack of safety (mainly for women),  poor diet (men), the wasting away of ovaries (women), pathetic pitiful wasting away in general (everyone), the spread of disease and/or the collection of cats (men, then women respectively).

So if you're single and are already living a fulfilling lifestyle all on your own, or if you're not single but want to stand in support of the single people around you, you're already a part of the Singlution. If you're single and want to find support as you grow into yourself, this is a place for you. If you're newly single and you have no idea how to live life without a spouse/partner/lover, the Singlution is on your side.

By joining the Singlution, you are not taking a vow of singleness or swearing off companionship. You are simply acknowledging that being single is a great way to get to know yourself and to become your own best companion while enjoying a vital network of non-romantic relationships (which will inevitably bless any relationship you might find yourself in down the road).

Single is not the same as seeking!

But enough of that therapy talk. Join the Singlution already! Follow this blog, tell a friend or make a new one! And buy a shirt and a postcard when you get a chance (they're coming! keep checking back!)

*The Singlutionary is all about taking the "alternative" out of many different lifestyles. We all should all be able to tell our moms about who we love, how we worship, what we eat, who we voted for (or didn't vote for) and where we work, etc., etc., etc!

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