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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tool Academy

One of my roommates hooked us up with magic cable. I've rarely lived in a house with cable so it sucks me in pretty easily.

I have a creepy love for gross dating shows. So I was watching Vh1's Rock of Love. It was this fabulous episode where one of the girls busts a boob playing hockey. And then that girl takes all the dirty hockey socks out of the locker. Or maybe it was another blonde girl who's boobs weren't leaking. I honestly have a hard time telling the girls apart. Anyways. Yes. I admit. I watched this garbage.

But that was just a ho-ho appetizer. The main course was a show called Tool Academy. I though this might have something to do with fixing up your house or your car or nifty gadgets or even how to use tools if you are a total idiot. Nope. Its about really really awful guys who have no sense of decency of any kind and their sad desperate dating, wah-wah-waiting girlfriends.

These "tools" are so lousy to their girlfriends that I can only ask: Why are these girls still with them? How much proof do you need that the guy is a total jerk before you dump him? Is "love" really worth all of this?

The "tools" are being tested and must improve or they'll be kicked out of the Tool Academy. On this particular episode it turns out that one Tool had two girlfriends and he swaps the out the one he came to Tool University with for the one who just showed up.

This guy was NOT the one who was eliminated.

Please PEOPLE (men and women)! If you are dating someone who treats you like this and who isn't making you life better and you aren't even MARRIED, do yourself a favor and turn around and run straight in the other direction. It is not going to get better! You are most likely dating a sociopath.

The most disturbing thing to me about this show isn't how awful the guys are (obviously they aren't really interested in being in a serious relationship and their sense of identity is based on some sort of misplaced machoism) but that these women are so intent on sticking by them.

Singlutionary says: No tools for me (unless we're talking power drills and ratchets). 


Talia, Justin, and Turner said...

I LOVE Tool Academy! I watched the episode you are referencing and was equally shocked. What would have to be so wrong with someone to stay with such pooner (my special word for ASS)? Any who, can't wait to be glued to the next episode.

The Singlutionary said...

Talia, I hope you'll keep us updated as to which pooner wins! I just wish the girls would win something other than graduating from the academy with a a-not-totally-awful-yet-still-not-that-great boyfriend.

Purple Turtle said...

The tools have their counterparts in the Bridezillas, my secret reality TV indulgence. Ever seen a grown man shriek and cry for RILLS on national TV because his grown woman wife to be is a monster. Yowza.

It's sick...but we watch. Hopefully we are all the wiser.


Talia, pooner is my new favorite word.