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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Singlutionary Strength

My house was broken into today. I got a call from the organic vegetable delivery service that I sometimes use (I know that I have just identified myself as yuppie and a hippie at the same time, however, I am neither) saying that the driver came to deliver my box of groceries and saw that the front door had been kicked in.

I was at work which is 20 minutes away. A thousand thoughts rushed through my head. I live in an area with a high rate of break-ins and I am very careful to leave the lights on at night, etc, etc and stay good friends with the uber-vigilant neighbors. But this was 2 in the afternoon! It was the middle of the day and nobody was home (thank god) although at the time I didn't know that. I had no idea what had happened.

I phoned my roommates, called the cops. Fortunately the delivery driver had thought to mention that he heard a dog barking so I knew my dog was still at home and was safe in her room. I finished work fast and rushed home not sure as to what I would find. I was panicked. My computer, as you can imagine, is my lifeblood and its an easy thing to steal. I THINK it backs itself up to some website somewhere daily but I've never thought to actually test that theory.

I arrived home moments after my roommate. The cops weren't there (turns out they still hadn't shown up). The front door had been kicked in but was still intact; just the frame was broken. Two laptops were missing: a 2003 dell that only stays on for about 3 minutes before shutting itself down and my roommates HP (which is actually worth something). My room was untouched due to (my hero) the dog barking her head off from inside. The upstairs rooms were also untouched. 

Huge sigh of relief. Huge. Huge. Huge. My roommate didn't have any backups but she also didn't have any current work or important files so the loss is mainly monetary. And one deadbolt on the front door still works so we can lock it from inside (but not from outside which is OK cause we can all get in though the garage). 

Another huge sigh of relief. Although I am still jittery. I finally understand how people with bad hearts can have heart attacks just from hearing bad news. I feel like I've just done three hours of cardio in the three hours since this all went down. 

Before I became Singlutionary I would have had some of the following thoughts:

If I had a man living in the house none of this would have happened
I wish I had a man to protect me
I wish I had a boyfriend/husband to help me through this
I wish I had a boyfriend/husband to fix the doorframe
I wish I had someone to take care of this for me

Now that I am the Singlutionary I have these thoughts instead:

Look at me and how well I handled this crisis!
My dog is my hero! Not only is she safe but she saved the day (or at least my computer)!
I am so organized. I already arranged for the door to be repaired and filed a homeowners claim.
My mom is AWESOME for talking me through the drive home.
My bosslady is AWESOME for getting me home ASAP. She even offered to drive me because she was worried about me driving myself cause I was a little freaked out.
My old real estate boss is AWESOME for texting me the number for a handyman before I even got home.
My roommates are AWESOME for being so graceful and so supportive and for pitching in to temporarily fix the door and for running home when I called. 
My grocery people are awesome for calling me.

And last but not least, my robbers are awesome for failing to steal my printer or the box full of car parts by the front door that I just paid for on my credit card. They also helped me get rid of a computer that I would never actually fix. And I thank them for not turning my house upside down or hurting my dog or stealing my cubic-zirconium/fake-wedding-band that I bought myself two weeks ago for 30 bucks. I love that thing. 

And I thank the cops for being cute and very nice and making me feel like this wasn't my fault but the fault of whoever designed my house with a nice little private/recessed doorway for people to kick in. 

And most of all, I am just glad to be the Singlutionary and know that a) I am blessed and b) I can deal with really awful situation and c) there are people in my life who will encourage and support and bless me when I am scared out of my wits. 

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