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Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Sign of Desperate Dating

I am learning SO much from my online dating adventure. I am learning about my bad dating habits and the way I unconsciously go about things. Here is another lesson for today:

I get super excited about new relationships (of any kind--not just romantic ones). Add that to the fact that match.com can be highly entertaining and I've spent HOURS on there during the past week. I get sucked into new things easily. Or, more accurately, I throw myself into them with abandon. 

This is NOT a good dating strategy.

I've notice that the (few) guys I'm emailing with seem to write back at the same time everyday. This might be cause they have real jobs and can't sit around all day checking their emails. Regardless, after five days, the excitement is wearing off and I am ready to settle into a pattern. I am going to check/reply to emails from my online boyfriends once a day and only once a day after all my other chores are done.

Because I am kinda self employed, its easy for me to slack off on my duties and check out rich hotties to my hearts content but this is not healthy. I do the same thing when starting out a relationship. I get so excited and so into it that I get behind on all the other important things in my life and then I get so stressed out that I become a total spaz (which is not very attractive).


Welsh Girl said...

I've been fiddling about with internet dating. The thing is that I find everyone is essentially lazy. They want to meet the girl next door, literally, without actually having to go outside.

I also seem to attract total nutters and I find it really hard to be mean online and send them a message telling them to bugger off. Consequently I get stuck in these crazy online conversations with people that I don't want to talk to or meet!

ps - thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

The Singlutionary said...

I've had my fair share of nutters too! I just delete or ignore them. I find it easy to just not respond to their queries. I've also developed a set of rules for myself which makes the whole process less painful. I'll blog about that later.

And you are so welcome! I really enjoy your stories.