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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sexual Attraction

I suck at it. 

I went on another date tonight with a perfectly suitable man. He was nice and fun and I felt like I didn't offend him too much with my sense of humor or with my language. He carried the conversation well, was considerate and polite and generally wonderful. And I wasn't attracted to him. Not in the least. He, like the hot doctor, is a "good catch" and a good person and not bad looking to boot. He could be my new friend and we could do stuff together but I do not want to hump him. Not even in the future. I feel this way about all the guys that I've emailed on match.com. 

Which bring me back to this: My original purpose on match.com was to research the kind of person I want in my life and the kind of person I am attracted to (physically and in the law-of-attraction kind of way).

In the law-of-attraction kind of way, I am attracted to sane stable people who are a little bit unusual. 

In the sexual attraction kind of way, I am attracted to idiots and psychos. 

Before I started this blog, I had pretty much exclusively dated idiots, psychos and freeloaders. Now, I can safely say that I have dated nice guys. 

And I know for sure that I am no longer a desperate dater!

But the person I am attracted to most is still myself. I just haven't met anyone who I a) want to hump and b) is a tiny bit awesome-er than me. 

Either I am totally self involved to the point of becoming a psycho idiot myself OR I am finally living my real life and loving it! And I don't need anyone to lead the way or pay the bills or even to bump nasties with. 

*Its just so hard to be co-dependent when you're as competent as I am!*


Welsh Girl said...

God, you have a lot more luck with this dating malarkey than I do. It's just one date after another. I do know some idiots and psychos (they all e mail me) if you want me to pass them on though....

The Singlutionary said...

Oh Welsh Girl, I'd love it if you'd send me all your Welsh/English psychos. They would entertain me greatly with their email accents and as long as they stay on your side of the pond we're all good!

I just can't have any more people knocking on my door at 11pm even though I'm obviously sleeping cause they wanna make out.

Susan Walsh said...

"In the law-of-attraction kind of way, I am attracted to sane stable people who are a little bit unusual.

In the sexual attraction kind of way, I am attracted to idiots and psychos."

Ugh, why don't we want to pounce on the sane, stable types? Not enough drama? Where are the guys who have it all? I want Mr. Darcy!

I know guys get very upset that women go for the jerks and that nice guys finish last. I guess we are guilty as charged.

The Singlutionary said...

Susan--I am starting to feel a little better about my body's taste in men after my last date. He was a very very "nice guy" type but he was also super hot. And he was hot not in the "I want to jump your bones and lick your abs" kind of way but in the "you are such a good person that I could just dive into bed with you cause I know I'd be well taken care of" kind of way.

Of course, I didn't dive into bed with him. I didn't even flirt with him much. And I kinda doubt he was all that into me.

Maybe I'm not enough of a "bad girl" for HIM!

or maybe its the opposite:)