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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Practicing Singlutionary Dating

I started out on match.com a couple days ago so that I could look at available men and refine my idea of what I want. I realized that I've changed so much since becoming the Singlutionary that what I THOUGHT I wanted in a man (or in a friend or in any person central in my life) has changed too. I just don't know what the new vision is. 

But online dating has been so FUN that I am going to continue and even pay for it. My 20 bucks a month is money well spent if it can help me refine and define what kind of person I want to welcome into my world and how I go about interacting with potential dates. 

Unlike dating in the past, I don't feel that sense of dread or angst or need. I no longer feel like I am going to be so depressed if the hot Republican (yes, I said Republican) doesn't respond to my "wink". This is merely a process of getting to know myself better, to observe what kind of man I attract and what kind of man I am attracted to. And if I go on some dates and meet some cool guys or even fall in love in the process, well, heck. That is just the jalapeno on the taco!

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