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Monday, May 11, 2009

Singlutionary Shifts

I've changed since I began this blog. When I started it 5 months ago, I was a Baby Singlutionary. Every little step towards being a Satisfied Single was a huge discovery and I found blogging a cathartic and supportive way to put my revelations into words. But now, being a Satisfied Single is no longer news to me. I'm used to it. When I started this blog, I wanted to go out shouting from the rooftops: "I am SINGLE AND HAPPY!" Now I rarely even think about the fact that I am single and when the little girl I watch says: "Why aren't you married? You're old enough." it doesn't even occur to me to be defensive (although I do want to tell her that it is perfectly OK to be "old enough" and single for her own sake). When I do think about my fantastic life, the fact that I am single and happy is like a big "no duh!". Being single and being happy is no longer news. It just is. 

Because of this transformation, I been struggling to find a new approach to writing Singlutionary which isn't as dependent upon my own personal revelations or on screaming "single is sexy" from the rooftops. 

Am I giving up on the Singlution? Heck NO! Of course not. The community that I have found online has sustained and inspired me and I want to continue to participate in these conversations and in building a single-positive world. But things will change a little bit. My posts will be shorter (hey, no more novels to read, right?) and less frequent (about 1 per week) and I am going to try and use a more conversational and interactive approach. What does that mean to you, dear reader? Comment more, read other people's comments and then comment again! Use this blog to pose your own questions or to vent your own frustrations or to celebrate your own singleness. 

So what does my "I'm single and happy, DUH!" life look like? Here are some changes in my life which came about because of this blog but which are now, bittersweetly, edging out the time I used to spend writing Singlutionary:

  • I recovered from 2008's many personal hurdles (which were so large and so frequent, that I wasn't always sure I would ever get past them)
  • I have been reunited with my active (running, swimming, biking, hiking) dog loving self after a year of almost 100% inactivity and exhaustion
  • I found offline community and friendship right here in my home and spend a great deal of time with my roommates
  • I stopped being intimidated by large homeowner projects and began a garden and will soon replace all three toilets all by myself
  • For the first time in years I feel excited about having a full time job
  • I've resumed long neglected writing projects and am considering applying to an MFA program in creative writing

And so the Singlution moves on. 


Stevi said...

you go girl. :) can't wait to keep reading!

Kahnee said...

Woot Woot! I wish I lived near you so I could watch you install the toilets. I need a new one in master bathrooomm bad.

I am still in the beginning singlutionary stage, I think. I look forward to reading your new posts and comments.

The Singlutionary said...

Stevi: I am so glad you be your EBFF!

Kahnee: I will totally tell you how it goes. I got mine free from the city because mine are original to my house (30 years old). The city was giving out up to 3 low flush toilets to qualified homeowners as long as they take out their old ones and don't use them anywhere else. The city also has a rebate program in case you want to buy a nicer toilet, you can get part of the cost back. I am going to use my old potties as patio furniture in the back yard and I'm going to plant herbs in the tank part.

Anyway, replacing the toilet doesn't sound that hard. Just disconnect the water supply and unbolt the two bolts and then reverse with the new one. If I take the tank off from the bowl part, I should be able to lift it myself. We'll see how it goes. I figure it'll take a whole day to do all 3 of them.

My current toilets are awful. They have a huge water tank, one runs, the other wobbles and all of them are stained. This toilet giveaway came just in time.

Special K said...

I've noticed that the more I am out there doing things that are fulfilling and just being me, the less I am on Facebook...I just don't have the time. When I am more lonely, it is a great resource for connection and frivilous time...I guess the same can be said of waxing philosophically. It's not about how often you write...but when you do, that it speaks to where you are at now.

Akirah said...

Well you know I'll be commenting. Don't you worry. And good luck with those toilets.

Megs said...

I love the new direction. I think creating a singlutionary community with comments will be wonderful. You are an amazing write. An MFA program sounds like something that is right up your alley. Thanks for putting yourself out there and letting us see the change. I really have been inspired to get back to the "old" me because of you. I forgot the single is ok and actually pretty awesome.

Monique said...

I'm so happy to hear about your new mindset.... Good luck with those toilets!

onely.org said...

Yay Singlutionary--if you go for an MFA, Lisa and I can give you all the dirt. . . and it's dirty. . . . but worth it. Also, if you ever don't know how to turn down an invitation in order to sit around the house instead, you can always say, "OH, I have so much homework for my program, you know how it is. . . " Not that I have ever done that.

bobbyboy said...

Metamorphosis can be good or bad, seems this change is good! I wish you luck in all you do (especially with toilets)lol. Hey wait a minute, I'm making it sound like a goodbye, aren't I? Excuse me for being a poohead here, I just mean best wishes for the added ventures and I'll still be looking forward to your posts :)

Clever Elsie said...

Nothing wrong with posting less when it's for the right reasons! It's inspirational to read about your journey and to see your goals coming to fruition!