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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Night with the Singlution

I love being the Singlutionary. So the fact that I don't write as often as I used to isn't because I don't want to: It is because there are other things that I want to do more right now. Tonight is Friday night and I thought I'd sit down for my weekly dose of Singlution. It feels good to check in and unwind with the wonderful world of singleness after almost a week's absence. 

I always find myself in a quandary at the end of the week. I am always so busy pushing through each day trying to get things done that when Friday night arrives, I don't really know what to do with it. I don't want to date and the rest of my social circle does (or is married or in a long term relationship) so I am usually on my own. I've never really minded because by the time Friday rolls around the last thing I want to do is be out in public dealing with people.

Tonight I went to the gym to swim. I've been once before on a Friday night thinking it would be dead but both times there have been plenty of people there. The myth that "Everyone is out having a great time with their significant other on Friday night" is a myth after all. I am not the only sane single swimmer in the universe! I guess my pre-singlutionary self would have thought that I was a bit of a loser for swimming solo on a Friday night. But that thinking is now so weak and lame to me. I love swimming and this week I didn't get to do it at all so if I am going to do something good on a Friday night why WOULDN'T I swim? Why would I torture myself by NOT swimming? 

Swimming on a Friday night is great when I haven't been able to get to it all week but blogging on Friday night seems entirely appropriate and perfect. I think I'll make a habit of spending Friday night communing with my single online community. Honestly, there isn't anything else that I would rather be doing!

So, dear fellow Singlutionaries, what do you choose to do on Friday night? Do you feel like a loser or like a champ when you spend Friday night on your own? I'd love to find out all the diversity of highly anticipated Friday Night activities!

And, before I head to bed, I'd like to offer a belated THANK YOU to Susan Walsh over at Hooking Up Smart for complimenting me with a "best of the singlutionary" style post. If you're in college, female or need a couple boosts of confidence and humor to get you through the week, subscribe to this blog!


Alana said...

I love to workout on Friday nights. You should do whatever makes you feel good, at whatever time you want to. People who workout at night are noble and I salute you!
I took my single self to my aunts birthday party and cooked shrimp risotto (SCRUMPTIOUSS)

Monique said...

I guess it must have been cool to go swimming on a Friday night. I'll try that sometimes I usually spend my Friday nights in front of the computer browsing the internet and networking with other bloggers. I think I need to start going out more.

Sal said...

OK, I feel like a bit of a spy, as a longtime Smug Married ... but wanted to return your recent comment and am just LOVING this blog. I sure could've used your supportive words and advice when I was a Singleton. You're a total star, lady.

Kahnee said...

I am trying to get out of the house more so I went to a party and got wasted. Good times, good times.
I'm thinking that if I don't go anywhere on Friday nights that those will be good "bike" nights, since i've recently found a good bking buddy.

But usually, I chose Friday to catch up on my Tivo shows.

Tina T said...

Ive been married for many years now, but I was one of the last of my circle to get married so I still remember all the pressure to do something exciting on Friday and Saturday nights. If you're doing something you enjoy you're way ahead of those people that head out to "exciting places" and then sit around being bored or feeling awkward.

Anonymous said...

Swimming is good at ANY time. My gym pool closes at mindnight, otherwise I'd swim at 2 am. . . YES even on a Friday.


Susan Walsh said...

Awww, thanks for the plug! I'm gonna miss your frequent postings, but that will make the weekly ones such a special treat.

BTW, I am in awe that you have energy to swim on a Friday night. My idea of a rockin' Friday is Netflix and Sauvignon Blanc.

bobbyboy said...

Good for you! It seems kind of ridicules when I hear singles say that they're only going to stay home on the weekend (as if they had nothing else they could do if they chose to or if staying home couldn't be quality time).

My weekend starts on Saturday, and I'm kind of a home-body, but will go out if friends invite me. I never feel like a loser about it, why should I or anyone else for that matter, right?

Anonymous said...

One of my fave treats-to-myself anytime, EVEN ON FRIDAY NIGHTS, is going out to see a movie by myself. It is truly one of my favorite things. I get completely absorbed, and feel slightly changed whenever I walk out of a good (or even bad) movie. I think I posted about this on Onely. If not, it'll be an upcoming post :)

-- Lisa

The Singlutionary said...

I love hearing how full everyone's life is and finding out that I am not the only one who enjoys Friday nights snuggled up with my computer! Now, more than ever, keeping up with Singlutionary is a treat that I look forward to at the end of the week.

Sal: Smug Married are welcome to be Singlutionaries as well. The Singlution is for everyone. Smug Singles and Smug Marrieds unite!

Kahnee: A bike night on Friday night sounds super relaxing especially if you can get to some trails or nice un-traffic-y streets.

Lisa: I too love going to movies by myself. I didn't think this was strange at all until my roommate exclaimed in shock when I told her I had gone to a movie. She said "who did you go with" and I said: "myself". She had never thought of such a thing! I don't go on Friday or Saturday nights because I don't like the crowds and having to sit between two sets of snuggling strangers.