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Monday, May 18, 2009

Most Awkward Single Picture Contest

Forgive me for this post is 100% distraction.

I want to be writing about the Kreative Blogger award which I received from both BobbyBoy at Relationship Digest and Monique at Dazzling Single (THANK YOU BOTH!) but that will have to wait because I am distracted by a website with far less substance than either of theirs. 

On this website (which was sent to me by one of my few single friends) someone posts people's willingly submitted awkward family photos. Funny, right? Definitely. This blog does have a Singlutionary bent because they do not discriminate against singles. One of the better pics is of a "awkward solo photo" of a woman with a tiger in the mall (not funny at all if you are the tiger)

I found two pictures which I thought I would share with you.

Hmmm. Well, I decided to do some research into the photoshopping of the 2nd awkward family photo. So I googled "walrus penis". Now the two videos below (which were the top two that popped up when I googled those two magic words) are not for the faint of heart. Actually, I'm not sure this is even appropriate for me to share on my blog. If you're a pre-marital mormon, you might want to avert your virgin eyes. I'm just saying. 

And so this is what I do when not being the Singlutionary.

BUT WAIT! I have been inspired to start a contest. Send me your most awkward Single picture! You can not be wearing a halloween costume or a costume of any sort. You must be dressed like you at some point in your life when your particular brand of awkwardness was most wonderfly captured on film. The picture must be of you, alone. Its OK if you took the picture of yourself. I will post each picture that I get in and whichever picture gets the most comments (negative or positive) will win. The prize? Something from my random basket of goodies. 

Email pics to singlutionary@gmail.com. If I don't get any pictures, I will be forced to publish several of myself with a dinosaur sticker covering my face. 

And onto those gross/awkward/exciting (for the walrus) videos:

I know. I'll never think of a Walrus the same again either. 


Purple Turtle said...

Ok, I have to say "whoa, Whoa, and WHOA" to those hilarious pictures. The first could be my turtle-mom-in-law who loves big cats. The pregnancy-highschool love-garden of eden pictures disturbs me on many different levels. I want to photoshop the heads of some people I know on there.

I am going to find me and Mr. Turtle's most awkward, gangly pictures to send you.

I heart everything about your blog.

Stevi said...

Those pictures are so funny. The weird maternity/engagement photo is amazing.....haha. And the whole walrus thing reminds me of 50 first dates. :)

I will try and find an awkward photo of myself to send you!

bobbyboy said...

I'm now more than certain that you are much braver than I! How could my fragile little ego survive any negative comments about, say a school picture? lol

And more importantly, are more than one walrus called walrii? :)

The Singlutionary said...

Ahhhhhh. I need to get a scanner that will work with my mac because I need to scan in some awkward pictures of myself. There is an awkward pictures tag and I'll just use that to post pics of myself or of other people who send them in.

I can't wait!