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Monday, March 9, 2009

Singlutionary Resurfaces!

I haven't posted in a few days. I've been either busy or exhausted or dating.

I miss my solitude!

I never intended this blog to be about dating. This is about living a joyful full life as a single. In some ways, dating is a part of this because there are healthy joyful fulfilling ways to date and then there are destructive, demoralizing ways to date too.

I am proud to make a few announcements:

1. One of my single friends who does not read this blog and who is a desperate dater actually took my advice! Yay! She was spending all this time with this guy who had told her he wanted to just be friends but then he would snuggle her sometimes and she would build up in her mind all these thoughts about how he was into her. Well, one night she thought they were going to bed to do a little more than snuggle and he passed out drunk! I guess he snored really loud, so she got up and went home. I felt like she was wasting her time with this guy who wasn't even being a good friend and she should ditch him and start living her life without desperately trying to get involved with him!

And she did! Welcome to a new Singlutionary!

2. I have decided to give up on the MBFF (Man Best Friend Forever) with benefits! Many of the responses I got were creepy or annoying. I felt like most of the guys responding either wouldn't be the friend I am looking for or were just trying to get laid. I appreciate the effort everyone put into their replies and I think there were some decent guys who responded but I realized that finding a BFF is just as hard as finding a life-partner. At least, for me. It may be easier for Paris Hilton. And I am so overwhelmed by match.com dates anyways that I can't be trying to scout out my new BFF at the same time. If I make a new BFF from dating, great.

3. I am so sick of dating but I've decided to keep on keeping on until my 3 months run out. This decision is based mainly on the cheap-skate aspect of my personality and my desire to get as much out of my 60 bucks as possible. But I've got the whole thing down to a science. I've become very efficient at eliminating guys and at getting the good ones to ask me out on a date within a week. Unfortunately, I broke my own rules and accepted a date with a guy who did not meet my criteria. A) he is 4 years younger than me-- nothing wrong with younger men but I'm not interested in 24 year olds right now B) he wasn't smiling in his profile picture. Anyways, I am going to have to back out of the date because he is already driving me nuts and writing me emails about how he misses me or was thinking about me and telling me how much he is into me. BARF! We haven't even met yet!!!

Singlutionary says: Set your own standards and then STICK TO THEM!


onely.org said...

You go, girl! Stick to your standards. And I'm kinda relieved, for your sake, that you're giving up the CL endeavor. :)

And I, for one, never "read" this to be a dating blog... So don't worry!

-- Lisa at Onely

Welsh Girl said...

how come you get mobbed by dates and I struggle to get the dregs to ask me out. I'm doing something wrong I think....

The Singlutionary said...

Welsh Girl, I live in a city with a very very high ratio of singles! I have another wonderful friend who was a little green with envy about the quantity of responses I've been getting. She also lives in a more rural area.

So you're not doing anything wrong!! Its quality (and not quantity) we're all looking for anyways!