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Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm A Spinster!

I subscribe to one blog called Seriously So Blessed. It is a satire of married mormon life and its hilarious. My favorite posts are about the spinsties (the women over 23 who are unmarried friends of the author). I love being a Spinsty. Today I read this post over at Rachel's Musings about the word "Spinster" which cites Bella DePaulo's inteview with Jaclyn Geller and the search for a word other than "single" (which implies that someone is missing something, like their "other half") to describe the single state. 

Apparently the word "Spinster" used to mean a financially independent woman who made her own living spinning!

Well. That is me! I'm a Spinsty for reals now!

1 comment:

Stevi said...

I love that blog too! That is how I found the link to your blog! Being a spinsty sounds good to me!