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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cleaning the Kitchen

Its my first full 24 hour all-day-long day off in a long long time. So I decided to clean the kitchen. Actually, I made a little deal with myself that if I cleaned the kitchen, then I could go do something fun. I have three housemates so we each have rather limited cupboard space. My cabinet is always a mess and overflowing even though I never seem to have any food. I am not sure WHAT exactly is in there aside from Miso Soup Packets and teabags for everything that ails you. So today I got brave and started cleaning.

In order to get random things up off the precious counter space, I had to tackle my cupboard and make room. Sigh. My cupboard is full of sadness today. (I am sure it doesn't help that the weather outside has been dreary for days now--something I am no longer accustomed to after living in warmth for three years.) On the top shelf are the ingredients for the homemade granola that my (now estranged) sister was going to sell at my homemade performances. There is also an entire extra giant can of sea salt which my ex-boyfriend returned to me after we had broken up and I had already run to the store to get me a new one. There is a small baggie of couscous which I parsed out in preparation for a camping trip last year which was thwarted and never re-planned due to all the trauma which fell out of my life since. I even have a container of dried-soup which I kept in the drawer at my hated-job for quick lunches two years ago!

No wonder the thing is full of things I don't want to eat. Its just full of the past year and all its difficulties. I ate the joy and left everything else sitting up on the shelves, taking up space.

I hate wasting food but I have to get rid of this stuff, its time to symbolically clear out my life and make some more permanent space for the new items (which have so far been junking up my counters). I think its time to send some of these things to the compost bin and let it be eaten by worms and pooped out as fertilizer. I'm ready to let this part of my life die and make room for something new to grow out of my memory's manure.

It feel better already!

Except for the sea salt. I'll donate that to the household collective.

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