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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Singlution Down Under!

My wee little blog (along with Onely, Singletude and Sexless in the City) was mentioned by Sarah Thomas in an article in the Sidney Morning Herald today!

The Onelys were actually QUOTED for their fantastic guest post on Professor, What If . . .? on all the annoying questions coupled folks would be asked if they received equal treatment as singles do. 

The article addresses the growing numbers of singles and the growing positive singles culture in Australia and everywhere (including the US). 

Welcome mates! 


onely.org said...

OK, clearly we need to start googling ourselves -- I had NO idea about the article! Wowee! How super-exciting. Congratulations to ALL of us!!!! We made the news :)



The Singlutionary said...

Lisa, I KNOW. I saw all these hits from Australia and so I googled my blog and that is how I found this out! Its funny that y'all didn't know since you were quoted in the article! Anyways, we are Singlutionizing/Onelyizing around the globe!

Pretty cool, right!