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Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Week. New Me.

I am going to intentionally take this week off from blogging. I started out the new year with a new schedule for maintaining this blog. And in the first month, I've already realized that some adjustments most be made. I love Singlutionary and I love the experience of becoming a happy, well-adjusted, confident and satisfied single and I want to continue to share that experience. But I often find that I am so busy enjoying life now, that I would rather be offline than on. I know that I need to reduce the number of hours I expect from myself and come up with way to maintain a presence here while living the full offline life that has unfolded for me in the past year.

I WILL pick up where I gave up last week on Thursday with a giveaway post. But I will be reducing the quantity of posts and hopefully contributing more to the conversations by posting comments and reading other blogs and developing a larger presence on twitter.

Honestly, I don't know how I want to continue this blog but I do want to continue it. I also want to enjoy the fantastic life that I'm living.


Just Me said...

Life can't be lived online. Go out and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you're happy doing everything you're doing ..... that's the battle half-won!!

Lets face it - everything in life changes with the passing of time .... so don't worry about what you thought you'd be doing on your blog etc. In a few months - when it's summer - you'll want to be spending LESS time at home on the computer!!!

Enjoy everything while you're doing it :-)


Steve said...


Good for you! that is great news, go and live and enjoy your life. That has got to be a good balance. You can always come back and blog when you have a little more time.

Have Fun!


hebba said...

WHenever somebody hasn't posted in a while, I think "Oh, good. They are happy and out doing something" (We always seem to find time to post when we want to complain about something, though, huh?)

Go do fun stuff! It makes everyone happy

Stevi said...

Do what is best for you! And enjoy doing all the great stuff you are doing!

Special K said...

I went through a phase where "my blog wasn't good enough" and noticing other blogs that had more followers, more posts, more visual appeal. But seriously? You ALWAYS make an impact when you write more from the heart than the head. Why not just stop in from time to time and let us know what you are LOVING about life?

Akirah said...

ENJOY the week off!

Welsh Girl said...

I totally understand. It is too easy to forget to live your life because you are too busy posting about it, or reading others post. I find it hard because I don't tend to have the computer on in the evening (tonight is an exception) so finding the time is getting harder and harder. Enjoy your week off and maybe go for a 'once a week' post on Sunday nights or something??? We'll be here, waiting.

onely said...

I hope you do continue it! Taking a break is a good idea, though, to avoid burnout. I'm looking forward to your spring posts because I imagine you'll talk about the garden--I am only just getting into gardening and so I feel inspired by those posts. I imagine it as kind of a Secret Garden type of place with big walls and vines. = )