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Monday, January 18, 2010

Moving Abroad: Special K

Today is Monday which means it is time for me to write about another awesome Singlutionary.

(I am still developing this weekly program and eventually I hope to have some guest posts here as well. But I haven't gotten that far yet.)

This week I'd like to redirect you to Special K's blog.

The theme for this month is MOVING, especially as a single person. Well, Special K moved all the way from the USA to Germany as a single woman. I find that immensely brave. I moved to another state by myself and there are many folks back home who find ME immensely brave (aka crazy). But moving to an entirely different country?

You can read about your adventures here:


Do you have any awe inspiring stories about moving? Are you about to move? What are your questions and/or fears? Have you always wanted to move but there is something holding you back? What is that something? What are you waiting for?

If you'd like to write about your experience with moving as a single, please let me know! This spot is open for next week!


The mad woman behind the blog said...

Here from Peach tart....and yup, married.

When I was single (and in a serious relationship)I came to visit San Francisco and fell in love. Having grown up in a small town in KS, this was the antithesis of everything I'd ever known.

To keep this short, I sought out a job that would transfer me to SF (during the interview process) I knew the current bf did not want to move to CA but I couldn't not move. I thankfully found a place all on my own, by myself. The first time in my life I had lived alone. I cherish that experience as much as I do my daughter. I wouldn't have changed it for world

Mikki said...

this was a great post idea....
ive often thought of moving away from this area... even to another state.
but the thought of doing it alone scares the bejesus out of me.

The Singlutionary said...

mad woman: yes! moving as a single will change your life. moving will always change your life, I suppose. But when you're single you have a certain freedom of choice and when you land where ever you're going you have a completely clean slate from which to build the experience you've dreamed of.

Mikki: It is a scary thing to do all alone. Have you given much though to what EXACTLY scares you? I am sure that if you break it down, you'll realize that it is many small fears, each of which is not so scary on its own. Still, it is an intimidating process, no doubt!

Tina T said...

We have lived in 5 states over the past 16 years, but we have always moved as a family. I think that it would have been scary to move when I was single, which I guess is backed up by the fact that I never had the courage to move until I was married.

Of course, I think that moving would be a much more freeing experience for a single person because more choices would be open to you and not ruled by living close to good schools for the kids, etc. My favorite part of moving is exploring new areas and learning more about myself every where I go.

The Singlutionary said...

Tina T: I think you hit on something really important. You learn about yourself when you move. Even if you move with a family or with a friend or partner, you still learn a lot. There are so many "givens" in our lives and it isn't until we move that we see all that was taken for granted. This is in a good way and in a bad way. I appreciate the support I receive from my parents so much more now that I live two thousand miles away. At the same time, where I grew up, it was taken for granted that everyone was a liberal and that everyone we knew would have certain politics. It is freeing, in a way, to live in a slightly more politically diverse place.