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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Singlutionary's Guide to Letting Yourself Off the Hook

For the New Year I came up with a schedule and a plan to manage my time better so that I could post more often! After one week and one day, I realize that it is time for a revision!

So Tuesdays will continue to be Singlutionary's Guide to Whatever day. But some Tuesdays I am going to let myself off the hook and merely post the topic for the NEXT week.

So. Next Tuesday I'll post Singlutionary's Guide to Finding Badass Roommates, Part 1: Renting out a Room.

To be followed on another Tuesday this month by: Part 2: Renting a Sweet Pad in a Peaceful House.

Today I am letting myself off the hook. There isn't one good reason that I should do this. There are lots of small reasons and I'll list them here:

Yesterday I was surprised by a phone call from someone investigating my ex and I had to deal with that situation and rehash that whole shitstorm. Of course, when the shitstorm was over, I had risen from the asses (ashes) as The Singlutionary, so on some level I have to be grateful for the experience but I still felt shaken, remembering how I was ready to commit the rest of my life to this psychotic neurotic liar.

I am flat broke which is putting me on an awesome diet where I have to eat all the healthy stuff in my cabinets that I have been avoiding eating for the past year.

All my roommates are moving or have moved out and I don't have any new renters yet (but I know that I will-- I always do). But change is good.

I've had one job interview so far with a woman that I liked at a property that was OK but I know that I do not want the job and I suspect that it will not be offered to me.

I've been working a regular work week this week doing temp work. I call depressed people and interview them to see if they qualify to be in a research study. Most of them fail to qualify. This job makes me so grateful for every little thing in my life and for being able to be happy and being able to see through the fog when I am not.

One of my former roommates has declared bankruptcy.

Last night there were Possums under my chicken coop. Fortunately my new room is at the back of the house near the chickens so I'll be able to hear if anything goes wrong tonight. But I hope that by the time I hear the squawking, I'm not too late!

It is already 10pm and I still need to read my blog roll!


Steve said...

Gosh you've got it all going on this week!
I hope you get some new tenants (renters) soon!

Mikki said...

Taking a day off never needs to be justified in my opinion, but then again, im always down for a unexpected holiday.

It seems everyone is looking for roommates, easiest way to cut your bills back. A girlfriend of mine told me she would be my roommate after she had been at this job a few months, but she hasnt brought it up since. I should call her later and ask if shes still interested.

Bankruptcy is tough, i had to file myself last year due to some medical bills from when i was 18 garnishing my wages. I tried to make payment arrangements but they were not having any amount that i could offer and ended up taking almost 1/3rd of my pay. It was not cool.
Which reminds me i need to call my lawyer and make sure its all done as i havent heard anything in a few months.

Kellie said...

It sounds like you've been busy! and that things have been kind of rough. I hope everything's going well though.