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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Double Trouble! Giveaway from VerveCards.com AND The Pizza Book

I am still busy with the every day party that is living in my Hoggle free house so this one will be quick! Eventually I will get back to posting non-giveway posts but this is all I've got in me for this week!

I have two great giveaways this week. Comment to enter and I will announce the winners next week. If you already commented to win Internet Dating is Not Like Ordering a Pizza by Cherie Burbach two weeks ago, don't worry, that comment still counts and commenting today will enter you again.

This week I'm adding to the mix a great freebie from VerveCards.com. These ecards are really friggin' bright and fun and border on being irreverent. Of the wedding cards, none of them involve white doves and wedding bells. But my favorite is a v-day card which simply states "Happy Singles Awareness Day". Membership is about $15/year and the cool thing is that you can schedule cards to be sent a year in advance. If I were organized enough, I would input all the birthdays and anniversaries and holidays at the beginning of the year and then forget about them! Maybe next year!

So, this week you can enter to win a free one year membership at VerveCards.com

Also, right now they are doing a 2 for 1 membership deal on their website (buy yourself a membership and then give one to a friend). The secret Singlutionary code is: VDAYVERVE:

"Those joining with a promotional code during our Valentine's Day 2-for-1 Special, please Join Now. Once you're a Member, email your intended gift recipient's first and last name and email address to Info@VerveCards.com, and include the code. We'll set up the FREE Gift Membership and get right back to you with the account details. Then you can email the new Login information to your recipient in a VerveCard! Sale runs through Valentine's Day (2/14). Per our Privacy Policy, email addresses are never sold, rented, or used for spamming."

And if you won a giveaway lately and haven't gotten it in the mail its only because I've been too poor to pay postage! But that has ended and I will be mailing out giveaway items tomorrow!

1 comment:

Mikki said...

i love that you have giveaways. its soo... exciting.

I had a topic for you.

How a single chick deals with disruptive neighbors in my apartment complex.