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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Singlutionary's Heart

The symbol for valentines day is a heart.

I already have one of those.

When I go out in public (which I don't seem to do very often lately), I notice that the shops are filled with red and pink and with hearts. I am pretty unoffended by all of these symbols. And this Valentines Day, as every other Valentines Day in my life (I have NEVER been involved with anyone on Valentine's day EVER), I am glad to be single.

Instead of worrying about my gift or his gift being "too much" or "too little" and instead of feeling pressure to have extra warm fuzzies towards my sweetheart, or feeling awkward about how my extra pounds look in the lingerie I crocheted for myself, I can just finish my taxes and catch up on emails.

In the past I might have thought that doing mundane tasks on Valentines day was kinda pathetic. But no longer.

Cause I have a heart already! I don't need another heart to cover over my heart or to be the red heart inside of my pink heart or visa versa. I don't need chocolate (lord knows I've got enough of that) or really hideous jewelry that keeps being advertised on TV with these gross semi-romantic/wholy-sexist advertisements.

Today is my secret Singlutionary day to play catch up while the rest of the world tries in vain to prove their love beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Of course, I could do something to celebrate. I could go see the Vagina Monologues or I could save a singles party with my 3 single friends. But today is just like any other day in my life: full of blessings.

I have a quiet morning to sleep in with my precious pup, lazily let the crazy chickens out to range in the nasty poo cesspool that is my backyard, drink orange-mango juice and take care of nagging personal tasks which have been bothering me for weeks. I even have time to post on my recently abandoned blog!

And then, by happenstance, I have a friend coming over this afternoon to work on a coffee table project in my garage, followed by a possible impromptu celebration marked with jello shots and chicken shit bingo.

Life doesn't get any better than this. I have my heart. It is beating. It is thriving. And there is love all around.

Happy Valentines Day to all the Singlutionaries in the world. I hope you get a chance to file your taxes, take out the trash and make a toast today! Toast to yourself and the heart you've got and the love you give!


onely said...

Today I wrote a blog post on Onely, went for a run-walk on some icy sidewalks, and commented on student papers. I am going to eat a hearty dinner of glazed mahi mahi and quinoa, all by myself.

Yup, this heart is beating.

:) L

Stevi said...

Love this post. Yes we already have hearts. :)

I just had a fun weekend with my other single friends, no pressure, and way more fun than having a significant other. I didn't have to buy anyone else anything, Perfect.

Megs said...

I think that 30 Rock actually did an excellent piece on Valentine's Day. It isn't about being in a couple, but knowing that someone out there cares for you. I don't think it should be on a set day, (really Valentine's Day should be everyday) but on this one day I think we all should go out of our way to tell everyone we love them. It also is my birthday so I don't like all the focusing on couples that day, but rather focusing on love and hope and being part of a family. That's what I think Valentine's day is. It isn't about who got the best chocolate but more about have you opened your heart up to everyone you can because in the end we all need someone but that someone doesn't have to be your Valentine in the traditional sense it could just be your mom/dad/sister/brother/roommate/bestfriend.

Mikki said...

i worked, well tried to work. i was very hung over from going out the night before. Then i came home and stayed up late working on homework.

Im a romantic, but valentines day is not my favorite holiday. But right now it just reminds me of the fact that i havent been able to attract anyone that is worth keeping. Im typically fine with being alone but as i do want a family, this day just reminds me that im not at that point yet.

Welsh Girl said...

Hmm. Spent the day feeling hungover from the night before then fixing said hangover with friends, sunday lunch and sunday papers. All is well with the world.

Special K said...

LOVE this as always. I neither like or dislike this day. It's like President's Day to me...just there.
I was just there in Bologna Italy. Life is HEART filled knowing that it rocks. And I am doing the best I can

Special K said...

Hope you are well!Did you get any tea yet?

trauma queen said...

my single friends and i celebrate singletines day and do all the fun stuff couples do on V days.

In India V days can get scary...what with politicians creating riots and social scares as V days is seen as "anti Hindu" for some weird reason..

Terry said...

"In many ways the groom is absent in most little girl's fantasies of their own wedding."

Great point. Unfortunately, I think the groom is absent in too many adult women's fantasies, too. They get to a certain age and start looking for someone to wear the suit.