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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blog Crawl Goes (Went) Out with A Bang: Day 7 Bella on Onely

So much for catching up today. 

Things I did do:
  • Cleaned the downstairs of my house
  • Organized and cleaned my room to pre-life-upheaval state
  • Waited around for potential roommate who never showed (typical)
  • Met up with my sister, ate deli sandwiches, got lots of peppercorns stuck in my teeth, made very tart lemon ice cream from scratch
  • Put coolant in my chronically overheated, coolant leaking car
  • Ate healthy (except for the ice cream)
  • Finally felt not-hung-over (I will never drink purple margaritas again)
  • Showered, twice
  • Laundry including dog laundry (dog bedding which is totally gross to wash) and ironing
  • Let the chickens out and gave them a quarter of an overly ripe, overly expensive organic mellon
  • Made an attempt to figure out how I am going to pay all my bills this month
Things I did not do:

  • Clean the upstairs of my house including the upstairs bathroom which desperate needs to be cleaned
  • Walk the dog
  • Clean out the chicken coop which is starting to smell a lot like barn
  • Catch up on the blog crawl
  • Give myself a pedicure while watching a long neglected netflix
  • Find a new roommate (which would solve most of my financial issues)
  • Finish sanding and painting the upstairs hallway
  • Fix my car
  • Replace my toilet
  • Get groceries

The last day of the blog crawl was YESTERDAY, soon to be yesterday's YESTERDAY but it still happened. Bella DePaulo of Living Single guest posted on Onely! And that concludes National Singles Week.

I wish that I had been able to more fully participate in the Crawl and in whatever other festivities were taking place. Fortunately, National Singles Week comes around every year and hopefully next year I will be happy and healthy with my head screwed on straight. I will be spending more time tomorrow catching up on blogging, commenting and reading. Fortunately, the posts aren't going anywhere so I can read, digest and comment at my leisure. It was a fantastic experience to be included in this Blog Crawl! Thank you so much to the women at Single Women Rule for putting this together!


Cool chic said...

This is my first time to visit in your blog and all are entries are worth reading!

And wow, you got a long day and taxing tasks for you in here huh? Anyway, hope to read more interesting posts from you.

Special K said...

I think sometimes I have to balance reflecting and writing my own blog with reading others...it comes in spurts, right?
But the support I receive from others is tremendous. Thank you SO much for yours!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning Onely, Sing! We need you in the crawl next year!

Anonymous said...
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