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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Absence. My Vacation. My Abstinent Admirer Asks Me Out.

It seems that I am not only abstaining from sex these days but also from blogging. I hate that. I miss my blog life as The Singlutionary. Lately I've been giving myself permission to be less than perfect and so I haven't been writing as much. But I am looking for a new way to continue this blog, a new way for it to fit into my life but I haven't quite found it yet. I have lots of things to write about but never time to write them.

But I promise that I'll be returning to writing soon. No word yet on when I'll be returning to sex. My abstinent admirer did finally ask me on a real date today which I am oddly excited about. He asked me to the football game which is a big deal in this town. I've never been and while I don't even really care about football I love the uber middle class, fun and festive nature of the activity. I hate dinner dates. I HATE them. Too much pressure. 

So Abstinent Admirer and Abstinent I are going to the game with his sister and her husband. I feel like I'm a freshman in high school going to a football game on a "group" date (you know, for back in the day when you were too young to pair off so you had to go in a group so your parents could feel more comfortable that you weren't getting knocked up behind the bleachers. I think the last time I went to a football game was in high school anyways. I was in the marching band and got to wear the whole outfit with the spats and the plume on my funny little chin-strapped hat to every game.)

But my absence from this blog doesn't have much of anything to do with dating. (I was pretty sure, until today, that my Admirer was just going to come into the office and admire me for the rest of my life and never actually make a move.) My absence has more to do with work and the chickens and the dog and allowing myself to just do nothing for a while.

So I'm on a vacation. I'll be back. I am sending a postcard to all my Singlutionary friends and it goes like this:

"I'm sitting here in my armchair day dreaming about the life that I'm living and just relaxing on my overstuffed furniture. The weather here is hot and I'm keeping my libido on ice. Wish you were here. I'll be back soon!"


Kahnee said...

Good luck with the date and the abstinence!

The Peach Tart said...

Just try to have the most fun ever on your date. I don't like football that much but I go to games for the camaraderie and well the booze helps.

The Singlutionary said...

Thanks girls. Its good to know that we're already friends so I feel comfortable. I don't feel like I have to keep trying to figure out if he just wants to get into my pants or if he wants to marry me or some other crazy thing like that.

So the date is going to be great.

Still not convinced that I can survive too much longer on the abstinence front. Of course, I don't really have any other good options.

Clever Elsie said...

Real life should definitely take precedence over digital life! I'm super psyched to read about your date!

By the way, I always wanted to be one of those girls in a marching band. I spent hours when I was little practicing baton twirling. And then I grew up, and my school didn't have one! Lucky you!!! :)

The Singlutionary said...

Elsie: How could your school not have a marching band? That is horrendous shame. It might have been super geeky but it was tons of fun. I had a friend who was in marching band in college and LOVED it. Of course at this particular college the marching band was nuts and there was one particular student who played a keg. How could that NOT be fun. Their half time shows were pure lunacy.

My real life is taking precedence of my online life these days which I think is a sign that I back in the swing of things. But I do enjoy this community and I do want to keep writing.

Anonymous said...

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