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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog Crawl Day 4&5!

I didn't post yesterday because I had a horrendous day which ended up with me wearing barfed-on clothes to bed and going home sick from work today. When I told my best friend the story she howled with laughter the whole time. Needless to say, I think I made out with my favorite skinny waiter before abandoning my purse under a bar table. I am mortified by my behavior and even more mortified by this hangover which won't quit. I barfed today. I never barf. It was my friend who barfed last night in Skinny Waiter's truck. This morning Skinny Waiter texted me to let me know that the barf smelled like new car smell. That was sweet. I think he likes me. 

I am a pretty straight laced person. I hate being drunk. I neglected my dog and my chickens and my blog.

So, to catch up on Single Women Rule's national singles week blog crawl:

Day 4: Keysha Whitaker of Single Women Rule guest posts on Simone Grant's Sex, Lies and Dating in the City. Keysha tells a little story and writes about men, women and "going out".

Day 5: Maryanne Comaroto gives dating advice on Dating Advice (Almost) Daily

And if you want to hear a hilarious yet totally dysfunctional couple of voicemails from the kind of man that ought to wear a rather large warning label, click here.


Anonymous said...


I am sorry for laughing and sorry that you had a horrible day. Last week was hard and I am having weird emotional responses. I just wished that I could have done something out of my element to relieve some stress too. I hope that today is better, and that you don't feel sick or as embarrassed.

Take care,

Purple Turtle

The Singlutionary said...

Oh Purple Turtle, after everything we've all been through lately, I am just glad to provide some comic relief. You howls of laughter did make me feel a little better and lighter and less dismayed by the whole situation. I guess I should do some blatantly out-of-character things every once in a while. But I am glad that life now seems to be getting back to normal. Sometimes normal feels just like heaven.