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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Singlutionary and Special K are "Livin' the Dream"

Special K is one of my single blog friends. I enjoy reading her blog and hearing about her life. Last week she moved to Germany (from America). She got a job there and just up and moved. I think that is really brave and cool and wonderful. I thought I was too big for my britches when I up and moved to the South from the West Coast but I can still DRIVE home. It might be two thousand miles but I merely moved to another state. K moved to another CONTINENT. 

Today I am the guest blogger on The Special K Treatment. K mentioned to me that many of her readers are in their early 20s and maybe I could write about wanting to have a boyfriend. But I no longer pine away for a boyfriend all the time (just in a few of my weaker moments). But I began to wonder why I did spend so many years pining away for some man in sexy jeans to carry me off into the sunset. And that led me to write about some of the things I never knew (but wish I had) about life when I was 19. 

Please check it out!


kelleidoscope said...

I'll check it out.. and I'm sure it will be great!

thelady said...

It is really amazing how much we narrow our dreams as we become adults. In high school I took Spanish and French. I wanted to study abroad and speak 4 languages. In college I majored in engineering and made all sort of excuses how I didn't have time to fit in extra courses. None of my friends wanted to go abroad and I was scared to go alone. Finally I reached a point where I did not care. I went to one of those 3 day weekend in Seattle trips sponsored by my dorm. I tried to sign up for a spring break in London program but this was right after 9-11 and enough people did not sign up so it was canceled. Senior year I did sign up for one of those classes where you study Egypt for a term then go their for Spring break. Two days before I was scheduled to leave Bush bombed Iraq and our trip was canceled. They offered to let us go the next year but I'd graduated and couldn't afford the trip without financial aid. I briefly considered apply for the Peace Corps but chickened out. I got cats and in some ways I've used them as an excuse not to try and work abroad. I did move a few states over for a job. I'm in a small town, if I can survive here I can live anywhere. Now I'm looking to move back to a city. I want to use my passport before it expires. Trying to pay off some debts so I can afford to vacation abroad. A friend of mine just did a summer internship in China and may return after graduation. I'm jealous of his ability to just leave. I seem to have built a trap for myself here.

Welsh Girl said...

Aaah, the baby dilemma. I live through this one too. I don't want to do the children thing with any great longing but neither do I want to be old with no children who I can pester into bringing me cake and sherry. It's a dilemma.

I admit part of me wants you to rush off and procreate with the teapot to see if you get a little set of matching teacups.....

The Singlutionary said...

Thanks Kelleidoscope! I hope you enjoyed the guest post!

thelady! I love your comments. There were things I also always chickend out on and then at 25 I gave up on chickening out and went for all my dreams and wound up here. But it is true, things seem to FEEL inherently more complicated as we get older when the truth is that they are not necesarily more complicated but that we are more aware of potential complications. I am sure you will find a way to fly away and enjoy the experiences you desire. It might seem harder to do things as we get older but in fact it IS easier with all the wisdom and knowledge we've attained! It does require a giant leap of faith.

Welsh Girl: You made the comment of the day. You are hilarious. Oh my little teacups. So cute. I feel more maternal towards the idea of birthing teacups than I do actual babies. Teacups are a bit smaller.

Purple Turtle said...


I loved the guest post, and I love that we are finally becoming grownups--wiser, and more sure of ourselves, but also regaining the hope and idealism we once had.

Thank you--it was beautiful.