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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Singlutionary Turns 29 and Gets Fired Up!

Well, actually, I just got fired. 

Oh there is so much to write about.

I miss my blog and I miss my blog friends and I promise to write all about my birthday and all about getting fired and fired up and about the disappearance of my abstinent admirer and about Teapot and about what I am going to do now.

I just have to figure it all out. 


Terry at Single Women Rule said...

First off, happy birthday!

Please, please, please post soon and let us know about this recent turn of events (your being fired).

Whatever you do, have fun. You deserve it, and we're rooting for you!

kelleidoscope said...

Fired? Boo! Post something soon.. and Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear it!! I hope this turns out to be a good thing for you. You sound like you have a healthy attitude about it. I know I've been MIA, but I miss you and would love to catch up. Mindy

The Singlutionary said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and fired up congratulations! And Mindy, I miss you!!!! I have been MIA too. Lets catch up.

Akirah said...

Happy birthday! But I am so sorry to hear you were fired. You'll be in my thoughts until I get some more details from you!

iol. said...

Happy bir-thday to yoooooo
Happy bir-thday to yoooooo

I'll stop singing now because the neighbours are complaining!!

And since I've got the benefit of reading tomorrows blog post before I'm typing this ... I can say that I'm happy that you aren't unhappy about leaving the job - that in fact your boss took the decision out of your hands since it was something you'd been wanting and wanting to do for ages!

good luck with the job search (temp and permanent....)

Clever Elsie said...

Oh, Singlutionary, I'm so sorry! It sounded like you liked this job, too. And then to have the job loss coincide with your birthday...That just sucks! :(

Happy birthday, though! Enjoy your 20s while they last! ;) You always have a great, positive outlook on everything, so I'm sure this temporary setback won't keep you from achieving fab things! :)