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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Struggling to Keep Up with Singlutionary

I need to post the winners of last week's raffle giveaway and post the new giveaway.

I need to write all the great posts running through my head about my crazy life and my big girl bed and my dog and Teapot and my week of list-less living. 

And I will.

Please bear with me.

Real life keeps taking over.

And I am one of those crazy (annoying) people obsessed with Farmville on Facebook.



McCaffery33 said...

I hear you on the Farmville in Facebook! I just deleted a game called Cafe World in Facebook, because I was too caught up in it.
Can't wait to read more,

Trauma Queen said...

omg same here!!! i have become so addicted to facebook i just don't find the time to blog or read blogs...gaawd..

getalifepartner said...

Nicely designed blog. I like it.

Trauma Queen said...


I was pressed for words and thus decided to switch loyalties to WordPress. Do update your blogroll link to this URL:


See you there!

Akirah said...

I can forgive you for anything in the world...except that Farmville stuff. Hahah!