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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Off-the-Grid Singlutionaries

With all the recent changes in my life, I've also got a new obsession: Creating (in my mind for now) an ideal off-the-grid resort community in rural Southwest, TX. I have always longed to create communities in which visitors could spend time being creative, being quiet and hearing their own voice again (how many times have I longed for a place like this where I can find some solitude?) and I've always had an interest in sustainable living. 

And so have other folks too! Turns out that there are lots of people who gave up their jobs and their busy "successful" life in the big city to move out to Southwest TX (and other places) and built their own super simple home-on-the-range. One thing I notice about these folks is that many of them are single. You'd think that if you're gonna move out into the middle of nowhere (and I mean the MIDDLE of nowhere), you'd need at least two people to make a go of it. Not so. These single folks have friends, they have community and they live on vast tracts of land with only a few longhorns in sight. 

And none of them seem lonely. In fact they seem entirely satisfied with their ultra-simple lives and their acres of solitude. 

Of course, this lifestyle is a lifestyle and is obviously not for everyone. I'd like to create a community where people can come and go . . . visit for a weekend or a month or a year and then go back into the world more inspired and joyful and centered and healthy. I just always thought I'd be creating a place like this in the redwood trees along the Pacific coast. But land out west is pretty expensive. And, besides, who wouldn't want these folks for neighbors:


Welsh Girl said...

You could try land in Wales - that's pretty cheap!

The Singlutionary said...

Welsh Girl! That is a great idea. It is so beautiful there too. The only problem is getting there! Its like, on the other side of the world from here! But I could run around with the sheep wearing LED lights all day (and night).

Special K said...

Definitely come out and stay with me in Germany!

The Singlutionary said...

Wow! I love all these international invitations! First Wales, then Germany! Then Marfa, TX. Special K, how long are you going to be in Germany? Forever?

Clever Elsie said...

Actually, with your knowledge of real estate, it doesn't sound at all unrealistic for you to open and run a retreat, maybe even geared toward singles or just single women. Honestly, it sounds like a delightful idea and one that would have the potential to be very successful as well as personally rewarding!

The Singlutionary said...

Thanks Elsie! That is a great compliment/vote of confidence.

There will definitely be an element which is attractive to singles! First of all, I am not going to commit singlism by charging the same amount for a couple as for a single person. Rates will be per person! And the desert does attract a person seeking solitude. Even if people aren't single, I think many people will come alone on some kind of personal quest. I've lived in the city so long that I forget what it is like to live simply without traffic or noise or having to negotiate daily life with thousands of people going by.

I've always wanted to run an alternative bed and breakfast chain. But I don't love the whole honeymooning couple that is the typical B&B guest. I'd love to stay in B&Bs when I travel but then I get on their website and its all about the "romance of the honeymoon suite" and I think "gross, I am going to be sharing breakfast with a bunch of honeymooners!"

So, yes, this concept is, in part, an alternative accommodation/getaway for singles/people traveling alone and people in need of a month of solitude. Its the kind of place I would like to stay at when I need to just sit and think until the thinking goes away and I remember what it is like to just be me.

bobbyboy said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Elsie, except to go just a tad further, you CAN make this happen if you choose.
There are those, like myself, who just have a city mind and thrive in that atmosphere like some of the great poets, artists and literary's.

It's a great idea and I say well worth while! :)

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