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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ahhhhh Solitude

If you are a regular Singlutionary reader, you already know that a) there hasn't been as much to read lately and b) I live with a bunch of roommates and c) I am a wanna be urban farmer.

Tomorrow, I am having a party welcoming my chickens into my backyard. They've already been out back for a while now but their little chicken coop isn't quite complete without roof tiles. And the roof tiles are going to be made out of cut up beer cans. It'll take about 80 cans to finish the roof. So I'm having a beer can emptying/chicken roofing party. Its actually the first party I've had since moving into my home two years ago and kinda also serves as a housewarming.

I thought that the house would be extra crowded this weekend with all the roommates home because the party is tomorrow.

Instead, I find myself all alone.

And it feels great. Even when I'm in my room with the door closed, I am aware of other people being in the house. I make sure to be considerate, I try and look more presentable when I leave my room and I don't talk to myself out loud as much.

It feels great to have a day alone with just the dog and the chickens. I like being the only human in the house every now and again. I actually like it a lot. 

I think that I'm particularly sensitive to others and try to be considerate of them. So it is only when I am 100% alone that I feel completely myself. 

Of course, I've also been adjusting to going back to work and I'm around people a lot now. I enjoy it just as much as I enjoy this Saturday afternoon solitude. 

I know that this isn't a particularly insightful or interesting post but I just wanted to say something!

How about you? Do you enjoy solitude? Why? What is different about having other folks around and how can that be enjoyable too? 


Stevi said...

I live with roommates as well which I do love. But sometimes it is really nice to have a few hours alone or even a whole day. And the other bonus if one of my roommates is gone I can actually maintain a clean apartment which makes me very happy!

Your chicken coop party sounds fun! Please put up pics when its all done. :)

The Peach Tart said...

I love solitude. When I still my body and my mind, God speaks to me and I get inspiration for all sorts of things especially the direction of my writing.

bobbyboy said...

No matter what you say I always find it interesting. I mean, how many posts does one come across where the author is making a chicken coup rooftop out of beer cans? ;)

Anonymous said...

Singlutionary, I haven't lived with anyone besides my dog for the last eight years. I never even cohabited with my long-term boyfriend of six years when we were dating!

So in answer to your question: Yes, I ADORE my solitude.


Welsh Girl said...

I'm with Onely on this one. When I lived in Edinburgh I frequently shared with a friend whose girlfriend lived across town. He was with her most of the time but I found it almost claustrophic when he was home! Ridiculously selfish I know but I am so used to living on my own now that it would be a major brain gear shift to take on room mates. Enjoy the solitude and bring on pictures of the beer can roof please!!!

Clever Elsie said...

Well, I can't think of a more pleasant way to roof a chicken coop! If it doesn't make the job go faster, at least it will make it a heck of a lot more fun! :)

I find it hard to live with roommates even when I like them because of that feeling of being always "on" that you described so well. I don't like feeling like I have to look or act presentable in my own home. Actually, it wears on me a lot.

A commenter at my own blog recently said that the more time he spends alone, the better equipped he is to interact with people, and I find that that applies to me, as well. I guess I'm a pretty hardcore introvert, but I definitely need that time alone to recharge my social battery, and the more solitude I have, the more I enjoy being with people when I'm around them.

The Singlutionary said...

Chicken roof, chickens and all that hullabaloo are the topic of a future post, I promise. And there will be pictures. So many pictures.

I am so glad the only one who values my solitude! Sometimes I worry that I have become socially inept because I do so many things alone.

Kahnee said...

ah solitude. Very nice. I've rediscovered reading a good book outside with a only a breeze for company.