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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Singlutionary Sacrilegious Sabbath

I've posted before about my Secular Sabbath which I, unrebelliously, chose to observe on Sundays. I committed to observing a day free of shopping, plans or housework when I could be alone and rest and reflect on the rest of my week. 

Lately, my sabbath has been more of a Saturday thing, where I crash dead on the sofa all day and take long long naps after a marathon type week. Of course I also work on Saturdays, so the day isn't completely mine and the whole secular sabbath ritual is starting to go to hell-in-a-handbasket.

I'd like to continue to observe a Secular Sabbath on Sunday, not only because of the nifty way that sounds, but also because it is the only day that I consistently have off from work. I also, as a practical matter, wouldn't mind synching up my own secular day with my friend's holy day. 

But, unlike me, church-going Christians go to church on Sunday. They do actually set foot out of their homes and participate in some kind of a ritual with other people which is typically part observation and part participation.

What I am going to say next may be exceedingly offensive:

Last Sunday I observed my Sacrilegious Sabbath at the movie theatre. And I liked it. It didn't feel guilty or dirty or wrong. It felt just right. Because movies are my thing. I participate in making films and I find solace, comfort and community in watching films. I went alone in true Singlutionary style but there were others there. We sat in rows and although we did not know each other there was a sense that we were on a common journey, a common path as we watched the movie and lived the journey portrayed on the screen. 

I happen to live in a town with a very unique movie theatre. You pay admission just like any other movie theatre (I was delighted to observe that the price for the first screening on Sunday is $2 off the regular price just like it is on weekdays) but the seats, instead of having another row of seats in front of them have a low table that stretches down the row. There are menus and pens on the table and you write down an order for food and the waiter walks down an isle between each row of seats/tables to take the order and deliver food. The food is pretty good and they also serve drinks and deserts and fun special movie-themed items depending on what is currently screening. I have met the owners of this theatre, as they are involved in supporting the greater film community in my city, and they are people I feel good supporting with my Sabbath Spending. 

More importantly than the theatre itself is that I believe in telling stories. I think most movies are a load of poo but there are some which are really unique and touching and relevant and which inspire and comfort people. I believe that truly excellent stories told through film must be divinely guided and that this particular story was meant to be told. So for me, movies are not just entertainment, they are a calling, a passion and when done right, I believe they touch on something divine. 

So it is wonderfully appropriate for me to observe my Singlutionary Sacrilegious Secular Sabbath in the movie theatre. It makes sense. And the fact that I can do so without supporting a large corporation or watching bad advertising/trivia before the movie starts makes me feel entirely comfortable with this decision. 

Speaking of pre-preview programing, while I was waiting to watch Away We Go (which I thoroughly enjoyed despite the fact that it portrayed only couples), I saw the most bizarre music video from some decade LONG past. In fact, I am sure that this "music video" was created before the term "music video" was even coined and long before the advent of MTV or my birth (both MTV and I were created at about the same time). 

But the content of this particular music-video-from-the-pre-music-video-era will have to wait for my next post. I wish I could find the video itself and post it here because it is bizarre and funny and totally non-Singlutionary! And also impossible to take seriously. 


The Peach Tart said...

Going to the movies sounds like a fabulous way to spend the Sabbath and that venue sounds like just the right place to have a snack and a cocktail (I'm assuming they serve at least beer and wine) and lose yourself in a good story.

iol. singal said...

What a quirky name using 2 words which are polar opposites! ;-) very clever :-)

Another suggestion - to take away any religious reference etc from the term - is to maybe call it

"sinful sunday" ;-)

sinful meaning a time to do anything and everything you normally don't let yourself do too much during the week. So it's OK to sleep in late, to stay in your PJ's too late or to watch a movie in the evening with your PJ's on ... you can spoil yourself with something you don't normally eat .... do anything ;-)

if you told your friends you had "sinful sundays" they might even get jealous?!! ;-) ;-)

Stevi said...

you go girl. ;) I watch movies after church on Sunday, its so relaxing. Now if only I could get my church to let us watch movies during church.....

Special K said...

Some movies, at least the ones that tug at the core of you (whether whimsicial "Sideways" or harrowing "Annie Hall) offer a philosophy, in the same ways theology does. It is a way to comment on the culture of our time, and dissent or agree, or celebrate, or grieve.
The weekends, the sabbath, is for rejuvenation, to set your intentions a new. And this is what it does for you, yes?

The Singlutionary said...

Peach Tart: Oh yes, they do serve beer and wine and one location serves margaritas (and anything else you can make with full bar).

Singal: "Sinful Sundays" I like it. Thanks for the suggestion. Although I like the sabbath concept too because its not just about indulging, its about observing a day where I am mindful about doing the things which I feel best restore my spirit.

Stevi: Movies AT church . . . sigh . . . when they start showing (good) movies at church, I'll quit drinking tea.

Special K: Couldn't be better said. I knew you'd "get" what I was talking about because although my movie watching seems very secular, I agree that it does give me space to shape a better understanding of the world which is one thing that religion typically provides for people. Folks go to church to worship and to grow deeper into their understanding of god. I watch movies for the latter.

Welsh Girl said...

I love the sound of your cinema. My nearest multiplex is an hour away, sigh, though they do occasionally show films in the village hall. They always stop them totally randomly in the middle (mid sentence sometimes) so that we can have ice creams and orange squash. Sometimes I think I live in a time warp.

The Singlutionary said...

Welsh Girl: You DO live in a time warp. I find it fascinating how our lives are so similar in so many ways but you are country mouse and I am city mouse. I would also love to attend a film in the hall with a orange squash intermission. Fascinating.

If you had a projector, you could show movies on the wall of that giant house of yours! The horses from across the street could come over to watch with you and loyal hound.

Kahnee said...

I am a movie lover, also. I saw the movie it was pretty good.

(no)sexandthecity said...

We all need some time that's "ours" or we won't get filled back up. No one can give from nothing. And frankly, the world seems to thrive on constant rushing. It's exhausting.

Although I grew up religious but am not anymore, it's kind of amusing how the self-condeming guilt sticks around...your title was quite humorous! I've given up on judging myself like others judge the non-religious, but I totally relate to that sentiment.

If you can find god everywhere - in what brings you solace, in silence, in the movie theater, wherever - you're probably more connected than you realize.

The Singlutionary said...

Kahnee, I'm glad you liked the movie too!

No sex: Yes, our world is focused on rushing and it is exhausting. I totally feel you.