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Monday, June 15, 2009

Singlutionary Employment

For the first time in years, I have a full time job. For the first time in years, I do not work with total douche bags! I count myself super duper lucky.

Not only that, but today I realized how Singlutionary my job itself is. Let me provide some background on the new job: The job is in apartment management & leasing. I used to be a realtor, selling people homes, so this is a good transition for me. I get a steady paycheck but I still get to sell people homes, just apartments on lease instead of houses on a mortgage. 

I love love love my house. I realized this today. I don't have to pay a pet deposit. I'm not tied to a lease. I can paint the walls and plant a garden and I can park my car on the lawn and wash it. I change the oil in the driveway. None of these things are allowed at the apartment complex that I work at.

But I also miss living in an apartment. I miss the convenience, the simplicity. I miss NOT worrying about painting my walls or my garden or getting home in time to put the garbage out. I miss having a sense of community, of chit chatting with neighbors in the parking lot. I miss being around young single people.

Most folks who live in apartments in my city are young and single. Houses here are fairly cheap compared to other cities. So renters tend to be younger and childfree and single, more or less. 

This particular apartment complex is located in a part of town where fitness is king. There is a smoothie shop, bike shops, running shops and a big ole trail with plenty of eye candy in the vicinity. Its abs-a-go-go. And of course, its summer and everyone is working out their ultra buff bodies with the least clothing possible sticking to their sweaty frames. Kinda gross. Kinda awesome. 

Today, for hours, my sole view was of hot topless guys working out in the on-site fitness center. This is about as close to actual sex as I want to get these days and it counts as one of the major perks of my new employment.

Also, it appears that my co-workers are single. So far, neither one of them has mentioned a significant other. 

But the biggest change, aside from a regular paycheck, is that I'll be working with the public: The single, athletic, apartment renting public! There are fellow potential Singlutionaries everywhere. Because single people who can afford these apartments aren't sitting around waiting for a partner to provide them with the good life: They already have it. And single people who are so busy running the trail and swimming in the springs and biking the greenbelt aren't sitting around pining away for someone to make their life fun and healthy and exciting: It already is!  And if you're living the good life and enjoying your time in the city and on the lake, well, you're NOT going to be a desperate dater. Everywhere I turn there is Singlutionary (and fitness) inspiration. 

Which is not to say that just because you can't afford to live on the park, you're not Singlutionary material. There are Singlutionaries everywhere. But there are places that attract greater numbers of singles and places that attract greater numbers of people who are really living and enjoying their lives. The place I work is one of them. 

And, yeah, there is also free coffee/tea and soda AND a free massage chair. And a greenbelt view from the business center.

Oh bliss. Utter bliss. I work days in a bastion of Singlutionary-ness and I go home at night to my four bedroom house with the brightly painted rooms, chicken and vegetable filled backyard, an over 20lb dog who always gets dog hair all over the sofa. 

I truly have the best of both worlds!


Akirah said...

Congrats on the new job! It sounds right up your alley. Now if only I could snag a job that's right up my alley...

Stevi said...

Congrats! I am glad you love your job! Having a job you love with co-workers that rock also is the best thing ever!

I am going to find a place like that to move when I leave Utah. :)

Amy said...

"Kinda gross. Kinda awesome."

So true for so many things...

And what could be better than free massages and eye candy? Congrats =)

Purple Turtle said...

Congratulations Singlutionary! I am so glad to hear about your happy job and life. I will eat some brie cheese and listen to some barenaked ladies to celebrate in your honor.

Bananas Rosa said...

Great to hear you're enjoying your new job! I haven't had a job for almost 1 year and to be honest the only thing I miss is the money coming in, not the job itself. Having a job you actually enjoy is a blessing.

And congrats on the house. I am also growing a veggie garden, pretty cool to see the plants grow. I will love to harvest my cherry tomatoes in a couple of months.

Anonymous said...

Soooo glad to read of your tales ... I'm really glad that you're enjoying the new job and all it's "benefits" ;-)

singal ;-)

Courtney said...

Omg *iz jealous*

That sounds lovely! :D

You've given some really good reasons for singles to own a home. I have planned my future around having a sig-other, and it's only now donning on me that I can have the things I need-- and without asking for someone's input :P

Thanks for the inspiration!

Special K said...

LOVE where you LIVE is a mantra of mine. I have a little apartment right now, and will probably expand when I move to Germany. BUT, there is always something to find in your neighboorhood. Right now, I LOVE my walkable yoga stuid, and the independent bookseller, and the tiny market with wildly expensive produce. Find your passion, and speak it.

The Peach Tart said...

Sounds like you got it going on right now

(no)sexandthecity said...

Best of both worlds is RIGHT! Now you can organize/host Happy Hour, Movie Night, and other little events to bring all those wonderful single people together=) Way cool job.

Simone Grant said...

That's just awesome. Congrats. And as someone who spent years as the only single in her workplace, I think it's double amazing that you get to work with other singles now. I always dreamed of that.

Donetta said...

It is just so wonderful that your so happy with your new employment. I am just tickled for you.

The Singlutionary said...

Thank you EVERYONE for all the great comments and congratulations. As it turns out, one of my co-workers is coupled but she has a Singlutionary attitude about her life and can talk about things besides her boyfriend which is awesome!

I realize that flaunting my new job in this economy might be as obnoxious as others flaunting their new mate in any economy. So from now on I will be more sensitive to folks who are standing right where I stood two weeks ago. I do have to say: the best things in life are always surprises. I had no idea this job was coming my way. I wasn't even actively looking and here I am!