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Friday, April 10, 2009

Singlutionary on ONELY and SINGLE WOMEN RULE!

Last week Singlutionary was profiled by Lisa and Christina at Onely in their "Some Like it Single" series!

And the week before that Singlutionary was mentioned in a "Sisters in the Struggle" post by Keysha Whitaker on Single Women Rule!

I wanted very much to celebrate these two blogs and their contribution to happy satisfied singledom in a more timely matter but I am learning that I am anything BUT timely!

Regardless, if you haven't subscribed to Onely or to Single Women Rule, you should. Both blogs offer insight, fun and a variety of voices on the Single life from a happy non-hostile perspective. They're uplifting. And they both boast a great list of resources on their blogrolls! Check them out.

If you're looking for more singles blogs than you could ever process in one lifetime, there is a list of the "Top 100 Dating, Relationship and Singles Blogs" on The Toronto Speed Dating blog.
This obscenely comprehensive list includes Onely and Single Women Rule and breaks down the blogs by cities and topic. 


The Relationship Guy said...

This blog is awesome. Thanks for linking to my Top 100 blog list. I hope your readers find value in they are able to discover the great content that is out there.

You have a great blog at Singlutionary. I have become a new reader of this blog. Keep up the great blog posts!

The Relationship Guy.

bobbyboy said...

First off, congratulations! You have an excellent blog of which I'm just getting a chance to follow. Onely is one of my favorite blogs of all time! Believe it or not, I have the single woman rule bookmarked, but haven't gotten to read yet (like I had yours bookmarked also lol).

Keep up the good work here. It's valuable to many people!

The Singlutionary said...

Wow! Thanks for all the compliments and encouragement! While I've been enjoying Onely and Single Women Rule for a while now, I am just getting to know The Relationship Guy's Toronto Speed Dating Blog and Bobbyboy's Relationship Digest!

Thanks guys!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

love your blog.

The Singlutionary said...

Mary Lingwall twittered about this post. She was "sorta frightened" but I *think* in a good way!


Anyways, Mary has also mentioned my blog on her blog and I, in the daze which is my current existence, did not acknowledge her.

She writes about humping (and kissing too) on her blog Humpday (http://dthumps.wordpress.com/). She shares well articulated, fresh perspectives on sex and the many different ways people do it and think about it.

onely.org said...

THANKS for the bump!

To everyone -- We at Onely are continually refreshed and amazed by the single community we've found through blogging...

:) -- Lisa

Special K said...

The more of us out there sharing our experience, the less stigmatized being single will become....someday, we won't be made to feel like outcasts.
Now that I am 30, I am loving singlehood...might move overseas even. Now, I just have to grab a quick date...ideas on where to ask a guy out?