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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Footloose Femails: An Email Group!

I wrote in my previous post that I would keep y'all updated as to when my dear Australian Reader began her email group. Well, now, from Singal we have Footloose Femails! Its a friendship email group for single women at yahoogroups and you can find it here:


I am on my way to join right now! 

Also, I know that I haven't been posting as often lately. Its not cause I've been busy but I have been overwhelmed! But I will get back on track sooner or later!!


Stevi said...

Yes keep posting I love to read! I also love your comments on my blog. Your awesome! hope the craziness calms down soon!

Coach Carol said...

Singles need to know when your efforts to positively influence their addiction to commotion fails, step out of the performance and allow them to go on with their drama. You’ve done your part. If you contribute to or remain in the environment, you are a participant in the show - even as a member of the audience. Research has shown that emotions are contagious and it goes without saying that you benefit more from catching a relaxed and harmonious “bug”.

Kahnee said...