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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Singlutionary Holiday Venting!

Oh! The holidays are stressful for everyone: If you're single there are minefields of "+1" invitations, awkward questions and family pressures. If you're coupled there is the ordeal of sharing family time between double families, in-laws (or in-loves) and having to buy way too many presents.

Or maybe there is none of that!

How about a pressure free, come-as-you-are-and-celebrate-your-life-holiday this year?

Too simple? Too trite?

The only way to get through a stressful time is with humor and a place to vent. So, for those who need some venting, here it is! Vent to your hearts content right here! No holes bared. Secretly, all of us will understand. In the good nature of venting, nobody is allowed to rain on anyone's venting parade! Venting ONLY!

Single people, married people and anyone in between.

Vent your holiday frustrations. My only requirement is that you at least TRY to be funny about it!

May 2012 come quickly and may the 1st 11 months of the year last long.

Love, Singlutionary


Amy said...

I am in the shuttling between (divorced) families boat. Like the Reese Witherspoon/Vince Vaughn movie Four Christmases, but slightly less painful... that movie had such potential...

Arii said...
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Arii said...

I am ready for a new tradition: I want my family to come to MY house to open gifts early Christmas morning. I'm 39, married with 3 kids and a brand new home, and my dad STILL insists that we all come to my parents' on Christmas morning for breakfast and to open gifts. The ONLY reason I don't put my foot down about this is because he gives good gifts. SIGH. Just one holiday I'd like to stay in bed until noon, watch tv, and eat all day. But, I must look on the bright side: at least my mother-in-law doesn't insist we go to her house on Christmas. That woman can talk about one subject for 3 hours! ALSO, I guess it works out that the family doesn't come to my house for Christmas because my tolerance for company is usually 2 hours long. I don't know why people linger around after we've eaten, drank, and had a 30 minute-1 hour conversation. (Don't you want to go HOME and chill for the rest of the day????) So I guess it's best that I go to other people's homes because I know I'll eat, open presents, and run!

Special K said...

You are a gift. You are the courage, the longing to be spread from height to depths and remain centered, refreshed and full. And yet, you are the endurance as well. The sense that balance is an illusion, you hold it, and scruntinize and hopefully move.

May there always been sources of inspiration helping your to urge urge urge and endure

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John Louis Meeks, Jr. said...

The holidays are what often stir up my most negative emotions about being single. I often dread visiting my most militant breeder relatives because they seem to validate their existence through being with someone and spitting out kids.

Anonymous said...

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