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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Singlutionary's Non-Solo Vacation

I don't want to go on vacation by myself this year. I am bored with myself. I am sick of talking to myself. So, instead of going home to visit my old parents and having to sit around doing nothing, in one of the most beautiful regions of America, I am going to take some hot young friends with me.

And by "hot young friends" I mean interesting, wonderful people who still like to do things and still have the space in their lives to go on a trip with me.

I am making new friends, yes. And most of them are younger. By the time they're my age, I don't know that they'll have the space in their life to go on vacation with me. Marriage changes many things and committing to living life with one person makes for less time to commit to vacationing with another person. Having children makes people homebound and unable to freely adventure.

For a long time I have felt that making new friends was futile, since eventually everyone would couple and abandon me. But now I am hopeful, that I can make lasting friendships which will endure marriage and children. I hope to make friends with people who's friendship and company I can continue to value and count on many years down the road, in part because we share the same basic ideals when it comes to how we want to live.

I don't need many of these friends because friendship like that is a commitment in-and-of-itself. I can only have a few best friends at a time.

But having some fun and active friends to travel with this summer inspires me and makes me excited about life again in a way I haven't been for a long time. My best friend from kindergarten and I used to travel together and we used to dream up these elaborate roadtrips which would be ever so much better simply because of each other's company. But she is moving to the opposite coast with her family and I need new friends with whom I can play.

After three years of solitude, I am ready to open up to some good company and to companionship which is mutually beneficial and inspiring. I've been with myself so long that I have grown all I can without some external influence, without a new voice and perhaps some challenges to my way of looking at things. I am ready to travel with wonderful others, experiencing old things through their eyes and visa versa.

I am ready to play with others.

Or at least I will be in 3 weeks. Right now I am drowning in the whole school/work/life/house/pet world which is my life these days.

But summer is almost upon us and with it, some of the best adventures I've had in a long time.

There is nothing better than good company. And for a long time, that good company was my own. But now I am ready for someone new.


Anonymous said...

A holiday coming up ... sounds great!!!

Where will you be going?

And how did you make these new friends .... ? 'fess up ... how much younger than you are they??!!!

Tell us all!!

:-) i0l....

Ms. Blasé said...

Good for you!! Sounds like a pretty great trip coming up! Hopefully, you'll blog about it 'cause I'm looking forward to hearing the details :)

Special K said...

I am completely unamazed and bored with myself in certain seasons as well...and the different, somewhat annoying, somewhat relieving ways a person can or doesn't contribute or can and does offer perspective and how we do the same for that person...well, that is what I think my life is about SHARING. Sometimes, though...it is best shared with ME!

eleanore said...

Good for you! New, fun friends to travel with sounds like a smart approach to a good time. (It might be a good idea not to share a room, if you don't know each other super well. A little break and some time alone keeps it fresh). Have a great time

eleanore - The Spinsterlicious Life

Mechelle said...

I feel you!

I love my solitude, but there are times when I yearn to be around others.

And that's exactly what I do. I intentionally spend time with people I enjoy being around, then, I go back to solitude.

I'm learning that successful single living is all about balance.. I'm loving it!